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Accordion music for your wedding, birthday party or corporate entertainment

Hire me to play accordion music for your wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary or corporate event. My French cafe style musette music and tangos will

create a warm magical atmosphere for your function.


  I have been playing accordion for 15 years, and have a large repertoire of Parisian waltzes, Tangos, poplar Italian songs, Klezmer and Eastern European dance tunes.


  I can also now offer a collection of folk music from Britain and Ireland.


  I have developed a sensitive lyrical style of playing that will enchant your party guests rather than intrude.


   I got my first accordion from a Halifax market stall,  and haven’t looked back. Although classically trained on the piano, in those days  I lived on a canal boat and didn’t have room for a piano. The accordion was the perfect instrument. I explored different styles of accordion playing from round the world, and was amazed at its versatility.


   I have years of experience in wedding entertainment, corporate functions, private dinners for a select few, or outdoor events with hundreds of people.


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Accordion John

Abballati abballati

Caprice Musette

Example repertoire;





Flambee Montalbanaise




Coeur vagabond

Caprice musette


Ca gaze




Reine de musette

Le retour des hirondelles

Brise napolitaine

Music from the film Amelie

La Vie en Rose

Sous les ciels de Paris

La Foule

Autumn Leaves



Wedding tarantella

La donna e mobile

Torna a Sorrento

Adio a Napoli

Santa lucia

O sole mio

Ah! Mari!

La mattinata

Carnival of venice

Tra veglio e sogno

Aballati aballati

Figghia di'n massaru


La palumella

Pizzicarella mia

Pizzica pizzica


Serenata amalfitana

Sonos'e memoria

A collection of tarantellas

Dear John,

I just wanted to properly thank you for all your help at the Serenata which you did a brilliant job at, ahead of our wedding! We loved meeting you, and your tunes were amazing!

I still can't believe what a good job you did of learning the new songs for us, and all our guests were amazed by you!

Thank you for being so helpful and professional, and best of luck to you in all your future endeavours!

Thanks again, from Mr and Mrs Wood!



We just wanted to say thank you so much for playing at our wedding yesterday. So many people have commented on how wonderful you were and we wholeheartedly agree. Lots of Amelie too which was amazing. You add such a lovely touch to the day.

Alice and Matt



We just wanted to say thank you so much for making our wedding day extra special with your incredible accordion playing. From the moment we first heard you play we knew that you would be able to create the perfect ambiance for our drinks reception. We really appreciated you staying to play a waltz for our first dance and had many comments from our guests about your lovely music. 


Very best wishes,

Sarah and Faneau

Flambee Montalbanaise





Hava Nagila

Hava Netze B'machol

Broyges Tanz

Freylekhs I

Freylekhs II

Siman Tov

Shloymke's Freylekh

Ketsad M'rakden


Ose Shalom

Terk In Amerika


Ocho Kandelikas

Freylekh Zain

A Nakht in Gan Edyn

Nokh a Gleyzl Vain




Boys from Bluehill

Oswestry Wake

A fig for a kiss

Cooley reel

The steamboat

Oyster girl


Scarborough Fair

Gravel walk

Loch Lomond

Wild Rover

Kemp’s jig

and many more!

Der Glater Bulgar


Cooley’s Reel


Carnival of Venice

Firn die Mekhatonim Aheim

The Boys from Bluehill